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This book is a companion to Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis: Common Clauses.  This book contains the same insight into comprehension, policies considerations, database applications, and internal workflow procedures as Common Clauses.  But this book takes the contents a step further by containing even more lease provisions than Common Clauses.  This time, however, practically all of its clauses are those contained in leases not filed of public record.  Instead, a Memorandum is filed so that these sensitive clauses remain hidden from public view.


For the mineral owner and royalty owner, their attorney may have included one or more of these uncommon clauses in their oil and gas lease.  This book will give that owner the guidance they need to read and understand those uncommon clauses in their lease.  It will also give them a heads-up as to what actions the oil company, as owner of their lease, likely will undertake to carry out the requirements of that uncommon clause.


401 pages.


Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis: Uncommon Clauses

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