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What is an oil and gas royalty owner’s worst nightmare? For some, it is being denied the money they are owed. For others, it is the fear of losing their mineral rights without knowing it. The remaining few fear something even worse.


America is the only nation that allows any private person or entity to buy, own and sell mineral resources known as mineral rights. Other nations reserve their natural resources to the government. Mineral rights include the right to receive a royalty on oil and gas produced from the owner’s land. An estimated 8,000,000 people own mineral rights in America, a modest estimate according to analysis of industry data.


The oil industry professional who most often decides which owners get paid royalties every month, based on an array of legal documents, is the division order analyst. A division order analyst encounters a wide range of owner problems, questions, and unethical behavior in this line of work. Some of those experiences stand far out from the rest.


This book is a collection of experiences of one division order analyst collected from royalty owners over a career spanning 40 years. It also has stories correcting some common misbeliefs by royalty owners. These are unique, sometimes very personal, stories about royalty owners, their struggles, and oil company misbehavior hidden behind “company policy.”


These are true stories that every royalty owner should read. They should hope that none of these stories happens to them.  220 pages.

Oil& Gas Royalty Nightmares

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