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Follow the calculations for a pooled gas well, from pre-spud billing division of interest through to the final, after payout revenue and billing divisions of interest.  Work with a hypothetical farmout/farmin of oil and gas leases as it is created.  Learn all about the overrides created prior to, and during the hypothetical farmout.  Learn what an override is, how it is created, and the two types of overrides typically created in a farmout of leases from one company to another.


Calculate ownerships in this hypothetical, pooled unit gas well as it progresses through 100% payout, then 300% payout.  See how those payouts change the billing and revenue divisions of interest, and how to update them correctly at each stage.


When finished with this comprehensive, beginner’s Workbook, you will have created divisions of interest for:


  • Pre-spud leasehold title ownership
  • BPO 100% billing and revenue divisions of interest
  • APO 100%, BPO 300% billing and revenue divisions of interest
  • APO 300% billing and revenue divisions of interest


Spiral bound, 8-1/2" x 11", 136 pages.

Oil & Gas Lease Pooling Calculations Workbook

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