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Every mineral rights owner and land owner wishes they knew more about the company that owns the oil or gas well for which the owner receives payments. And what about your lease? What exactly happened to it after you, your ancestor, or the person who sold the rights to you, signed it?


How a petroleum company acquires and manages oil and gas leases and goes about adhering to all of the clauses and provisions in them doesn't have to be a mystery to you anymore.


How an Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company Operates shows you each of the routine steps a petroleum company usually takes to get leases, get them producing, and to keep those leases valid as long as possible.


This Second Edition is expanded to include a new chapter on Vertical, Directional, and Horizontal Wells, including cross-unit wells and super unit wells.


133 pages total.

How an Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company Operates (2nd Ed.)

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