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The story behind Oil Patch Press

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

My best friend’s grandmother received monthly royalty checks for a time, while I was growing up. She lived with my best friend’s family next door to us.

Her royalty checks paid for the things that her Social Security check just didn’t stretch far enough to buy. Prescription medications, her knee brace when she needed one, and eventually, the deluxe wheelchair that she used during the last years of her life.

And I can’t forget those expensive, really fun Christmas and birthday presents my friend’s grandmother bought her every year! Like the year her grandmother bought her the newest Beach Boys album for her birthday. She was the first kid in our school to have it!

Her grandmother’s gifts were bought with the help of her monthly royalty checks, my friend told me years later. I envied her, that is, when I wasn’t at her house listening to the latest rock & roll album on her phonograph, another present from her grandmother!

After I started my career as a division order analyst in the oil and gas industry, I remembered my friend’s grandmother. As the years went by, my experiences with royalty owners’ problems with their payments expanded and deepened. I began wondering if my friend’s grandmother was being paid everything owed to her during those years. After what I have experienced over the past 40 years, I must question whether she was paid everything owed to her. But how would she have known?

No books about oil and gas royalties were available back in the late 1960s for royalty owners. Royalty owners couldn’t learn how to navigate the complex system of policies and procedures different with every oil company. Royalty owners couldn’t learn except by experience. Each owner back then had to reinvent the wheel in order to protect their mineral rights and royalty payments fully. Either that, or keep an expensive lawyer on retainer.

No internet was available to find in-depth information about oil and gas royalties. The internet didn’t yet exist to find books about oil and gas royalties – for royalty owners. Even if those books had existed back then.

Today, these books are available. What’s better, the internet now is available to find them. The internet led you here. This is where books about oil and gas royalties, oil and gas leases, and much more – written for royalty owners and industry professionals alike – can be found.

Take a look at our Bookstore page … no doubt there is at least one book there that can help you, or someone you love, learn more about what they own, how they own it, or how to get the most income from their mineral and royalty rights.

My friend loved her grandmother deeply. No doubt, if books like these had been available back then, my friend would have bought them for her grandmother.

So visit the Bookstore page now. Just a few clicks of your mouse, and your purchase will be on its way to you, or to someone you love!

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