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Labor Day: Let's Talk Oil & Gas Jobs

Now is a great time to begin a career as an oil and gas land professional. It's also an excellent time to change jobs for better pay and greater responsibility.

Taking only a sample from the current listings on for lease analysts, division order analysts, and landman on this Labor Day, I found a much larger number of listings than were there on Labor Day last year.

In Houston, as of September 3, 2018, there are three beginner land analyst spots available, and two beginner landman openings. Houston is also looking for 5 division order analysts, 4 lease analysts, 2 land administration techs, and a whopping 9 landmen, all with prior experience. Plus, there's a vacancy for at least 1 division order manager. In Dallas, the number of land administration and landman job openings are almost as high.

At least half of these available positions do not require a college degree. They do, however, require skills in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint at a minimum. The more advanced the skills in these applications, the better chance of breaking into oil and gas land or advancing your career to the next level with another company.

Now is the time to check out or any other reputable online training resource to learn the Microsoft skills that will position you to either begin a new career in oil and gas land or to advance your current career. Don't risk getting shut out of the market when oil begins climbing back to $80 a barrel or more, which is entirely possible within the next twelve months.

Also take this time to gain substantive oil and gas land knowledge. Check out the Bookstore pages at to see what's available. And since I work hard to practice what I preach, the anticipated publication date has been moved up to mid-October, 2018 for both Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis: Common Clauses and Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis: Uncommon Clauses. Both books should be available for purchase around the middle of October, created as a solid reference resource for land administration professionals and landmen alike.

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