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Introducing Landfocus Training Online

A new online training system is about to be launched that will change the way companies approach training new hires into oil and gas land administration roles. The online training courses and live seminars offered by other instructors and educational institutions lack at least one of the three critical components of training necessary for today’s energy industry. Landfocus Training Online will provide online training for new hires, accessible from any PC, guaranteed to reduce the learning curve of any new hire.

A new employee with little or no prior experience in oil and gas land administration work will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for performing productive, quality work within days or even hours, instead of weeks. Companies will no longer be forced to rely on senior employees in the department to deliver on-the-job training for which they are not trained to do effectively. The widest, longest (and least effective) learning curve occurs with on-the-job training, commonly known as “mentoring” (Allen, M. W., 2016, Michael Allen’s Guide to e-Learning, New Jersey: Wiley & Sons, p. 33).

Land administration training today requires knowledge and skill in three fundamental areas: (1) knowledge and comprehension of lease and contracts analysis (substantive knowledge), (2) knowledge of energy company internal workflow procedures and most common variations, and (3) knowledge and skill for extracting important data from documents and entering that data into any database system.

The first component usually missing is the instruction on necessary internal workflow procedures, which differ for each task performed by a lease analyst, division order analyst, or land analyst. Direct application training for this component is missing from nearly all of the courses now available online, and from live seminars.

The second component is the skill to recognize important data in a document, extract it, and enter it into a database in a way to facilitate reports. It is only through reporting that data in a database can be used most effectively.

Live seminars inherently deliver only the substantive knowledge and comprehension of lease and contracts analysis. Employees returning to the office after the time and expense of attending a live seminar must fend for themselves to figure out if, when, or how to use on their job the knowledge they gained from the seminar. Or, at least the knowledge they still remember when they return to the office.

Landfocus Training Online will cut to the heart of training requirements by embracing all three components in every module of training to be made available.

Check back for updates. Also look for announcements about Landfocus’ plans to introduce online training specifically for landowners. These will include hands-on tutorials for using the Texas Railroad Commission website, Oklahoma Corporation Commission website, SONRIS, and many more websites run by the regulatory agencies of the various oil and gas producing states.

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